The best legal cover, low price

The best legal cover, low price


Legal insurance cover the unforeseen legal cost that may now seem not important like death and health insurance. , but it could save you money at a time when you are legally most vulnerable. Many insurance companies offer partial legal assistance and others will offer you more holistic coverage.

The legal insurance services include telephonic legal advice, drafting of standard agreements, debt related matters ( e.g. judgements and administration orders), divorce, child maintenance and custody cases, bail applications and defence in criminal matters.


You can get yourself a personal legal cover where you pay From only R150 per month, you will have access to R150, 000 worth of superior legal services per year – and up to R1.5 Million for life.

Search for cover that will do the following:

  • Cover for you, your spouse and children up to 21 if full-time student.
  • Cover against civil, criminal and labour related matters.
  • The legal plans should include a Bail benefit. If you are arrested (for a minor crime) and need bail, we will go to the police station and pay the bail of up to R3,000 for you.
  • Includes a retrenchment benefit.
  • Access to personalised legal documents and contracts.
  • 24 hour legal emergency line operated by qualified lawyers and legal advisors.
  • Accidental death benefit for the main member on selected plans.
  • Optional accidental Death Benefit for spouse on selected plans.
  • Protection against the effects of inflation on legal costs.
  • Extended family plans also available



Legal Business Services

Running a small or medium sized business takes courage, skill and determination. Plus, legal fees in South Africa are expensive. Don’t let legal matters impact your business negatively.  Legal Business Plan is there to protect, guide and assist your business in managing legal risks.

The Legal Business Plan is designed to provide the necessary legal protection to run a growing and successful business. It offers guidance, advice and representation for:

  • Labour matters.
  • Civil matters.
  • Commercial contracts.
  • Debt collection.